Exploring the North Pole & Animals of the Arctic with Moki Kokoris

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Danbury Library
Story Corner

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Exploring the North Pole and Animals of the Arctic with renowned polar expert, Moki Kokoris, in the comfort of the Danbury Library with this age-appropriate, interactive and hands-on presentation will introduce the Arctic region to young students and will focus mainly on distinctive Arctic wildlife, their behavior and habitats. Animals discussed will include the polar bear, musk ox, Beluga whale, narwhal, Arctic wolf, Arctic fox, reindeer, seals, Arctic Tern and other birds as well as truly unique insects. Time-permitting, students may also learn about Arctic indigenous people and their lifestyles (example: how the Inuit construct and live in igloos). Children will have the opportunity to view and touch many unique and rare artifacts on display. Students are invited to ask questions during the talk. FREE! Ages 10+
Event Type(s): Children and Families
Age Group(s): Family
Presenter: Aurelio Muraca
Aurelio Muraca